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St. Matthew Parish Community Update  as of 3-30-2020

**NEW** Online Weekend Mass **NEW**

Our friends at Resurrection offered us the chance to come over and tape weekend mass. What a gift to be able to pray with you remotely!  We’ll have the link up on Facebook as well as posted on this page every Saturday afternoon.

3/28/2020 Weekend Mass 

Pick a time to go to Mass that works for you, and take a moment to pray with us. The taped liturgy comes in just shy of 30 minutes – Fr Bob has a great homily that you won’t want to miss.  

If you want to expand things a bit, follow it up with a family meal. Hope you can join us. God Bless!

Also, for the Third Sunday of Lent and Fourth Sunday of Lent, Fr. Bob and Deacon Bob Hornacek wrote their homily (for your reflection) and is posted here.

Effective immediately ALL PUBLIC ATTENDANCE AT MASSES at St. Matthew Parish have been suspended through mid-April. This includes Holy Week, Triduum and Easter.

In accordance with limits set by Governor Evers and the State of Wisconsin and after much discussion, we have decided to cancel all parish Masses, activities, gatherings, and events. Cancellations include but aren’t limited to: Religious Education Preparation, Lenten Night of Mercy, St. Matthew Parish Picnic, Vacation Bible School, YNIA Crop for a Cause Weekend, 3rd Annual Taste of Haiti Dinner, Parish Mission Concert by Amanda Vernon

The parish office will be open Monday thru Friday 10:00 am to Noon

Scrip Sales Canceled In abundance of caution and respect for the restriction on social gatherings to avoid spreading of COVID-19, we are not selling SCRIP. If you have any questions, please let us know. We pray you and your families stay safe and healthy! Joey and Michele [email protected]

Ways To Stay Connected to St. Matthew Parish

Communication is essential as this situation is developing and changing every day. 

* We created a COVID-19 Information & Resources page on our website as a way to relay information about COVID-19 and list resources available to assist those in our community.
* Pray with us during our online weekend Mass!
* The weekly bulletin is available for download at The bulletin inserts, along with liturgical resources can be found here.
* Visit our Parish News page on our website to stay up to date with news and updates from our outreach partners and parish organizations.
* Follow our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Remember, we’re all in this together. Let’s continue to support each other and to look out for those in our community who might need extra support during these times.


Homeless Voucher Program Last weekend (March 14th & 15th) our loose collection went towards the Homeless Voucher Program through the Green Bay Police Department. The program helps men and women to have shelter for a night (at a local motel) out of the cold weather to prevent deaths due to weather conditions. Since 2018 (when St. Matthew became involved) there have been no deaths. The approximate cost of a voucher is $45. Donations can be made at any time. Checks made payable to: Green Bay Police Department. Memo: Homeless Voucher Program. Thank you for your generosity!

Remember to Vote… Be a Faithful Citizen. Visit to explore how you can love your neighbors by advocating as a faithful citizen on behalf of those who are poor and vulnerable. As you prepare to vote on April 7, read the U.S. bishops’ statement on Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship, watch videos and access other great resources on faithful citizenship. Wisconsin officials are urging people to vote early because of the coronavirus outbreak. Voters can cast ballots in their clerk’s office or can vote by absentee ballot. You can request a ballot by April 2, 5:00 p.m. several ways: in person at the clerk’s office, online at, by emailing your local clerk, or my mail, by downloading a form from the Elections Commission’s website. Mailed request must be received by April 2, 5:00 p.m. First time absentee voters in most cases must provide a photo ID to get a ballot by submitting a photo through or showing it in person. Absentee ballots must be returned by mail or in person by election day, April 7 by 8:00 p.m.

Generations of Faith

GOF Night - Breaking Bread in the Domestic Church

It’s true we can’t gather for GOF or mass right now, but that doesn’t mean we stop being Church.  Our families, our households of faith, are the building blocks of church.  Within theology the family or household of faith is actually called the “domestic church.”  It is important at this time to stay at home and avoid social gatherings – but it is also a great time to emphasize that our family and sharing meals is key to our faith.  

A Time of Joy
At our last session Kat broke the 6 weeks of Lent into 4 periods of time and connected a virtue with each of the four periods, much like we do the 4 weeks of Advent.  Last Sunday began the third period – a period of time connected with JOY.  

The fourth week of Lent is often called Laetare Sunday.  Traditionally, this Sunday has been a day of joy and celebration, as we have passed the mid-point in our Lenten disciplines and Easter is in sight.  This is communicated in the special color of vestments worn by the priests on this Sunday – one of the rare days they will wear Pink, or Rose-colored vestments.

Pink Sunday during Lent, like the third week in Advent... is a time of joy.

Joy? You might ask what joy? We've gone from cancellations to shelter in place. No school. no sports. no work, no socialization.... what joy is there in that? Actually, if we open our eyes and ears we can see and hear quite a bit of joy despite our restrictions.  Here’s a few of the joys we can witness……

  • Joy of not having an over-burdened schedule
  • Joy of sharing a meal
  • Joy of games and new family activities
  • Joy of siblings interacting and laughing
  • Joy in sharing what you know to replace formal schooling 
  • Joy that we can more fully focus on this season of Lent
  • Joy that we can still share mass (online) and prayer

Take some time to talk about what joys you are experiencing during this time – remember we see through the lens we choose – if you look for doom and gloom you will find plenty.  If you look for joy, if you look for the good, you will see that as well. 

Faith in Action Over our year in GOF we talked a lot about being light in the darkness of the world.  How are we putting our faith in action these days of social distancing?  How are we being church to those around us?  What might we do to reach out in love to family, neighbors and community to show we care and still observe safe distance?

  • Nursing homes I would guess are lonely places right now.  With all the restrictions on visitors, our older brothers and sisters living there are feeling even more isolated.  What if we took some time to create some cards for them?  Or maybe placemats that could be used for meals? 
  • Are there older folks in your neighborhood?  They are probably feeling a bit anxious and isolated as well.  Can you make them a card?  Drop off a treat on their doorstep with a note?  
  • Are you checking in with family and friends?  Can we take some time to make a call or leave a note on their social media?  Or what about writing them a letter or card – we all love to get mail!
  • What ideas do you have for using some of your social distanced time to be light in the darkness?


First Communion The April 8th meeting has been canceled.
Confirmation All upcoming meetings have been canceled.

Contact Mike Westenberg at St. Matthew 920-435-6811 [email protected] with questions.

Groups, Councils & Committees

Justice Herald The latest edition of the Justice Herald is out! Visit the Justice & Human Concerns page or click here to view. What is the Justice Herald? It is a newsletter created by the St. Matthew Justice & Human Concerns Committee. The committee meets every third Thursday of the month at 6:30 pm at the parish center. All are welcome. For more information contact Michael Westenberg 920-435-6811 or email him [email protected]

WILD GAME FEED POSTS NEAR RECORD SUCCESS!! The Saint Matthew Men's Club is pleased to announce that their 37th Charity Wild Game Feed came within $20 of setting a record for this event. With a few bills still outstanding, a rough accounting has shown a net income of $34,792. Over 656 people helped to contribute to the success of this event through food, raffle, bar and auction purchases. However, we cannot forget the contributions made by our sponsors and supporters through their gifts of time, talent and treasures. It is fully a concerted effort that helps make this the success that it has been, and we truly thank you for your help!!