St. Vincent de Paul - St. Matthew Conference

St. Vincent de Paul - St. Matthew Conference

History of St. Vincent de Paul Society
The St. Vincent de Paul Society-originally named Conference of Charity-is a world-wide Catholic lay organization founded in Paris on April 23,1833 by Fredric Ozanam with the purpose of serving God’s children in need. Here in Green Bay, St. Francis Cathedral, St. John the Evangelist and Annunciation Parish Conferences, the minimum number required to form a District Council, came together in 1957 to form the Society of St. Vincent De Paul of Green Bay. The heart of SVdP consists of those volunteer units called conferences who aid families in their local neighborhoods. Today, the Green Bay District Council consists of twenty conferences.

St. Matthew Conference began on November 1, 1974 by Al Stary, a parish member, whose vision saw a need for assistance in the surrounding area. Our area extends beyond St. Matthews borders to include St. Mary of the Angels and some of the Bellevue area. Although SVdP is a Catholic organization, a helping hand is offered to anyone in need.

Our Mission
St. Vincent de Paul is a network of friends, inspired by Gospel values, growing in holiness and building a more just world through personal relationships with and service to people in need.

  • Vincentians are committed to grow in spirituality, attend regular conference meetings, and participate in charitable activities thru personal contact with those in need.
  • The conference receives referrals from the Personnel Resource Center, the parish, and occasionally other resources the friend in need may have contacted.
  • Two Vincentians will make a visit usually in the persons home, discuss their needs with them and possible next steps. All information is strictly confidential.
  • The conference will provide a listening ear, help them meet their emergencies, and hold them in our prayers.

It is always a privilege to walk with families and individuals in need. Their stories are imprinted in our hearts forever. Some have included:  helping a man bury his wife’s ashes, helping someone fill out unemployment paperwork week after week and finally receiving it, walking with them while homeless, providing a scholarship and seeing them graduate and get a good job to support their family.  Building relationships, advocating for those who are defenseless or voiceless, and serving others are all examples of doing “God’s work”. Being a Vincentian is both a gift and opportunity from the Lord that helps us grow spiritually and see the face of Christ in each other and those we serve.

Resource Center (RC)           920-435-4040 ext. 102 

Contact the RC if you are in need of assistance for rent, transportation, furniture, clothing, household necessities, etc. They will make a referral to conferences or other resources in the community.

SVdP Scholarships

  • Based on financial need, you may be eligible for a scholarship up to $500 per semester for NWTC, Fox Valley Technical College, or Quality CNA Training.

Workshops      Pat 920-617-5475 or Stacy 920-435-4040 ext. 222

  • Bridges Out of Poverty: Gain the knowledge to understand those living in poverty, hidden rules & how lack of resources limit choices. Scheduled throughout the year.
  • Getting Ahead: For those experiencing poverty who want to take control of their life. Discover your strengths, share your experience and create an individual plan with help of trained facilitator, mentors and peers. 16-20 week sessions.

Programs        Christopher 920-228-2669

  • Back2work Program: The priority is inclusivity for all persons interested in starting a new career pathway, creating accessible entry points. Open to all education and skill levels.
  • Immersion: A support network and wrap-around services for returning citizens and their families to navigate the challenges they face after incarceration.

Volunteers / Donations

St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Stores       

Joyce Aiello, Volunteer Store Coordinator     920-435-4040 ext. 107

  • SVdP East 920 Weise St.
  • SVdP West 940 Hanson Rd.
  • SVdP Howard 3816 Velp Av.
  • SVdP Dig & Save 2121 Van Deuren St.

The profits from the sale of gently used donated merchandize are used to aid families & support programs. The store also provides employment opportunities for our community members. However, without volunteers to help, we could not provide the many necessities or programs we offer. The SVdP store offers volunteers many varieties of jobs and is always in need of help. Take a step for the poor and consider sorting / pricing of donated items, computer repairs, bagging, stocking merchandize, working in carpenter shop or bike repair, or mowing lawns, etc. The nice thing about volunteering is you can choose your own hours. Contact Joyce.

Help SVdP continue to help others and change lives in Green Bay and the surrounding communities by donations of cash and merchandize and shopping at SVdP Thrift stores. The store welcomes all kinds of unwanted household items to sell in the store. These donations are essential to our existence. Please remember us when "cleaning house". Call 432-2579 for pick-up of donated furniture.

If interested in becoming a member of St Matthew SVdP Conference, contact Jackie Thiry at - 920-435-5437.

For more information on St. Vincent de Paul, visit our website