Justice & Human Concerns

Justice & Human Concerns Committee works to bring Catholic Social Teaching alive in our parish. Pope Francis has captivated the attention and imaginations of many of us with his strong words and actions connecting following Christ and how we conduct ourselves in the world. Francis draws from the long tradition of Catholic social teaching to prod us to live and think differently. Leading us by his example and teaching, he urges Catholics worldwide to better imitate Jesus in our daily lives. 

The goals of our committee are to help promote Catholic Social Teaching and support parish members in living them out. Our focus is twofold, to bring awareness and knowledge of our traditions rich social teaching to our community and to provide opportunities for people to experience their faith through service and justice work. We are able to do this through: our Justice Herald newsletter (see below), hosting issue forums and educational events, leading collections for the less fortunate, providing opportunities for people to get involved with St. John the Evangelist Homeless Shelter, Habitat for Humanity, Love Life, and the St. Vincent de Paul Society, along with other groups and agencies. Committee members include: Kay Schumacher, Mark Schumacher, Rachel Westenberg, Mary Connors, Jeane Smits, Julie Jacobson, Kim McKeefry, Erica Shefchik, Richard Erdman, Mike Westenberg, Jackie Thiry and Father Bob

If you would like to join us in this work we would love to have you. For more information on the committee, contact Mike Westenberg at mwestenberg@stmattsgb.org or Jackie Thiry at jackiemthiry@yahoo.com

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