Prayer is an essential part of being an active, dynamic catholic. We feel connected with God; and put our faith in His hands. It is a tool to help us become the best-version-of-ourselves. 

Yet, sometimes it can be difficult to:

Find time to pray...three opportunities...

Noon Pause for Prayer Getting and staying on a prayer schedule can seem daunting. Take a pause during the day at Noon to have a conversation with God. Noon Pause for Prayer cards are available in the St. Matthew Gathering Space and Parish Office. Feel free to sign the back to make a commitment to become the best-version-of-yourself. 

No clue what or how to pray...

The Prayer Process Card from Dynamic Catholic In The Four Signs of Dynamic Catholic Matthew Kelly highlights The Prayer Process as a simple way to develop the daily routine of prayer, the first sign of a dynamic Catholic. These pocket-size prayer cards are available in the St. Matthew Gathering Space and Parish Office. The laminated card is designed for you to keep in your wallet or purse so you can take The Prayer Process with you wherever you go. Share these cards with your family and friends. It is an easy way to invite people to begin a life of prayer.

Ask for a prayer for yourself, family member, or a friend...

Pause for Prayer Request Card Fill out the card and drop it in the Pause for Prayer basket in the St. Matthew Gathering Space. Feel free to take a card from the basket and pray for the intention written on the card.

Submit a prayer request