Here at St. Matthew we started a process in December 2015 called FIVE More. It is an invitation to follow the Lord intentionally. To do so it will require discipline on our part. Discipline is a side of discipleship. It is that discipline we call FIVE More in our parish.

Here are some ways you can Give FIVE More:

Praying: spending time each week in adoration, praying the rosary/praying with family
Studying: signing up for Generations of Faith, reading the Bible
Giving Generously: volunteering your time in the community
Evangelizing: talking to friends & family about faith, sharing media digitally/print

Do you have an idea or would like to share how you and/or your family are giving FIVE More? Email it to us at We may add it to the bulletin, website, Facebook page, or Twitter!

What exactly is FIVE More?

Our parish has distributed copies of books by Matthew Kelly (Rediscover Catholicism, The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic, Beautiful Mercy, Resisting Happiness, Perfectly Yourself, The Biggest Lie in the History of Christianity, Rediscover the Saints) as a tool to energize and evangelize parishioners. The common theme of these books is how to become a more active and dynamic catholic.

Being an active and dynamic catholic It’s a process, a journey, that each of us is on. From Matthew Kelly’s book, The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic, the four themes of being an active, dynamic catholic are: praying, studying, giving generously, and evangelizing.

If each one of us as a family, couple and individual can give FIVE More of themselves to be an active, dynamic catholic then we can all make a difference in our parish and within the community as missionary disciples of Christ.

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