Generations of Faith Volunteer

We love volunteers! There are many opportunities to volunteer within the Generations of Faith program.

Here is a list of volunteer opportunities within the program. If you are interested in signing up to help with one of the below areas click on the Volunteer Sheet link, print it out and send back or pick up a Volunteer Sheet (also available at the parish office and Gathering Space.) 

  • Catechist or Catechist helper - Work with one of our grade level coordinators to present lessons to children or teens. An essential piece to our program. If you enjoy working with children and sharing our faith perhaps God is calling you to help in this area. Safe environment training required. In addition to those who help with presenting lessons in the various levels of our breakouts, there are many ways we need your help to facilitate catechesis for our community. Please mark where you are able to help us this year:
  • Registration Table -  Welcome families as they arrive. Assist with check-in. Pass along any announcements and help direct families toward Church hall for meal, or to where first activity will take place if they are not eating.
  • Dining Room Décor - Help make our dining area attractive and seasonal. Use your ideas and items and ours. Help put out prayers and discussion starters for use during meal. We sorely need this gift cuz obviously I don’t have it.
  • Pizza Picker Upper - On the nights we have Pizza for GOF we have to pick up the 25-30 large Pizza’s at Little Ceasars, which is down near Austin’s. I prepay for the order – the picker-upper would need to be there approximately 5:05, load up, deliver, and get the pizza’s to our dining area. Not a hard job, but someone has to do it……a great job if you would like to have your vehicle smell like pizza for the next 24 hours or if being a pizza delivery person is on your bucket list.
  • Meal Prayer - Volunteers would lead the GOF community in meal prayer. Prayers would be provided, unless you would like to create your own.
  • Photographer - We like to have pics from our events to use on our Facebook pages, website and emails. Photo volunteers use their camera or ours to take pictures during meal, breakouts, prayer etc for use in our communications.
  • Meal Sponsor - Have your family or business help finance a GOF meal. We will gladly include a thank you and ad for your business in our materials. $50 - $200 levels available.
  • Meal Sponsor - Another way to sponsor a meal is to take on the task of prepping and serving the meal. There are those of us who enjoy the kitchen, and this is a great way to share that gift. Perhaps team up with another couple people and do a “theme” night – like a chili night where each member of your team makes a pot of chili…or a tailgate theme, or a southwest theme, or or or… the possibilities are endless.
  • Wednesday Night Kitchen Help - Come in the afternoon to help cook, prepare the meal.
  • Wednesday Night Kitchen Clean-up - Stay behind and put food away, do up the dishes, and clean up the kitchen.
  • Drama Team - At times we like to incorporate a skit or a personality in our openings or during one of the seasonal presentations. Are you willing to play a part?
  • Musician - Willing to help with musical ensemble’s for our group prayer times. Please indicate what your instrument/s are: ex. harmonica, concertina, washboard etc
  • Breakout Helper