OAKS (Older Adults Klub of St. Matthew)


Who are the OAKS of St. Matthew?
Members over fifty-five who come together for various gatherings and activities throughout the year. Meetings are usually the third Wednesday of the month. Agendas vary, but may include a potluck meal, guest speaker, days of reflection, day trips, or entertainment. There are no required membership dues, however, some trips and/or events do require a fee. Cost of dinners at restaurants are paid by members. When schools are closed due to inclement weather, programs are automatically cancelled. Membership is open all year. All are welcome!

The Oak Tree
Trees have the message we sorely need. If only we would take the time to understand their language. From birth they teach us the lesson of sharing. They stand at their best when they stand together. They are strong in their collective strength. There is harmony in their group living.

Together they have faced and weathered the storms of time. Their leaves have always been for the healing of the nations. Their touch has a curative effect on tired bodies. Their shelter and their shade have brought peace to many troubles minds. Their forest trails lead us to retreats where the soul has found its God. Trees have much to each us in the art of living; so much healing in their company for the wounds of the world; so patient, so lovely, so fruitful; so much of God in their living.

We ask that we may learn from the trees. Older Adults are the roots of our parish. Older Adults see families, friends, and parishioners as leaves come and go. Older Adults witness the drama of time as season change. Older Adults need to share the fruit of their experience with younger trees.

Older Adults as for nothing more than to resemble an Oak Tree— A tree which has much to teach...

For more information, or to become a member, call: Dave & Rosemary Dionne 336-9122, Ann Froelich 435-6811, Mary Ann Gooding 435-0156, Karen & Orv Konop 432-1556, Beth Pinkert 437-0341, or St. Matthew Parish Office 435-6811.