one by One Campaign

hx1a4wzixkq3uwp5a4i8pvfxhjl.pngSharing our gifts one by one
The one by One campaign is a vital opportunity for us to continue to respond to Bishop Ricken’s call.  This invitation calls us to discovery: to remember and renew our relationship with Jesus Christ and with one another.  It calls us to follow: to further our understanding of what it means to be Christ’s presence in the world today.  It calls us to worship: to gather together as a sacramental community to share our faith.  And it calls us to share: to transform our communities through our renewed faith, one by One.

Why a campaign?
The one by One campaign will empower each of us to transform our communities as we share the healing, teaching and loving presence of Jesus where we live, work and pray.  Just as Jesus commissioned the disciples to go into the world to preach the Good News to all nations, we are called to be Jesus’ witnesses, transformed by Him, encouraging the hearts of others.

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