Feed My Starving Children

de0o4wadrsvz7z1xhi23ta5ilvl.jpgAlmsgiving - Change the World this Lent!

Help us support feeding starving children around the world with your “alms” this Lent! Collect your quarters and loose change around the house and bring them in to help buy food for the 2019 Mobile Pack! This October St. Matthew will again participate in the MobilePack event as a partner church. We'll be packing nutritional meals that will be sent around the world to help feed God’s children. Our goal this year is to work with our partner churches and organizations to buy ingredients and package over 750,000 meals in 4 days in Green Bay!

Here's How You Can Help

  • Buy a tube of M&M’s and eat them – so far so good, right? They are $1 each and available in the St. Matt's gathering space.
  • Next, fill the empty tube with quarters! Perhaps you can put a bowl on your kitchen or dining room table and have everyone in the house throw their loose change in there.
  • As you fill your M&M tube, bring it with you (along with the rest of the change) to empty into our Change the World jug (the jug will be in the gathering space each weekend of Lent and each Generations of Faith session). It’s a lot like the old Rice Bowl idea (for those who remember that)……..but more fun, because…….well…………M&M’s!

eskyxcuhgnc06znlogqzdu40dml.jpg 785,376 Meals Packed! 2,151 Kids Fed For a Year!

Thank you to everyone who volunteered at the Green Bay MobilePack Oct 1st-4th. Our goal was to pack 750,000 meals - that's an additional 35,376! We went from 97 to 101 finished pallets, 3 semi's full!!! Check out the St. Matt's Facebook page for pictures and videos from this week.

“The generous will themselves be blessed, for they share their food with the poor.” – Proverbs 22:9

About Feed My Starving Children

By volunteering, donating, or fundraising, your generosity makes a huge difference in the lives of thousands of children in need around the world. At least 6,200 children die each day from hunger-related causes (UNICEF). Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) is a Christian non-profit organization committed to feeding God’s starving children hungry in body and spirit.

The process is simple:

  • People just like you donate funds for the meal ingredients.
  • Volunteers hand-pack the meals.
  • Meals are donated to FMSC food partners around the world.
  • Kids are fed and lives are saved!

Check out FMSC FAQs

Feed My Starving Children – 2017 Green Bay MobilePack Follow up

Thank you to all of those who were able to participate in the MobilePack for Feed My Starving Children October 2nd - 5th at Green Bay Community Church. 

During the MobilePack each person packed about $50 worth of materials, which was enough food to provide a meal for 227 children. Our Generations of Faith group had 70 individuals volunteer. Doing the math, that means our GOF family packed enough food to provide a meal for 15,890 children! How’s that for a great way to spend a couple hours? We did not have to pay for everything we used during our pack, but every donation helped the overall event meet its budget. Remember that every pack made utilizes about 25 cents worth of ingredients. That 25 cents will feed a child for almost a week, or provide a meal for a family of six! 

 For I was hungry and you gave me food. Matthew 25:35 

The following churches are involved with FMSC Green Bay MobilePack: Bethel Lutheran, Celebration Church, First Presbyterian, Green Bay Community, Good Shepherd Lutheran, Journey Community, Nativity of Our Lord, Pilgrim Congregational, St. Anne's Episcopal, St. John the Baptist Catholic, St. John Lutheran Ashwaubenon, St. Matthew Catholic.