Second Helping

Nourish your soul. Fill your heart.

Second Helping is an online small group gathering where we meet to discuss life and faith.

The summer session of Second Helping will last six weeks.  Each week participants will gather in small groups on Zoom and reflect on the previous weekend’s scripture.  Our online Zoom sessions will last no longer than an hour.

There are no study materials or books to follow along with. The format for Second Helping includes praying and discussing the previous weekend’s scripture readings, viewing the homily from the St. Matt’s online Mass, and offering reflections and faith sharing around how the readings and homily are speaking to you.

Our summer session Second Helping groups begin next week – the week of June 22nd and end the week of July 27th. There are four different groups to choose from: Mondays 7—8 pm, Tuesdays 9—10 am & 7—8 pm, and Wednesdays 7—8 pm.

Click here for the link to sign up!

Questions? Contact Mike Westenberg at the parish office, [email protected] or 920-435-6811.