September 30 Materials

If you couldn't join us for the live session - watch the session via YouTube.

Bringing Home the Word
Family Holy Moments Chain It is important to name the holy moments of life – those times that Gods love and God’s presence break into our lives.  Sometimes we are used as God’s instruments to bring LOVE to another, to be footwashers…….sometimes we are the recipients of mercy and kindness  - sometimes we are caught up in an overwhelming awareness that we are caught in the presence of God.     All are revelations of the inbreaking of the Kingdom of God in our midst.
Sometimes they come as simple as sharing a conversation with Grandma, making a lunch for the homeless, or just being overwhelmed and awestruck by the boisterous honking and whistling wings of a flock of fall geese as they fly low overhead.
To help us name and keep in front of us those wonderful revelations of God, each of our Families created a holy moments chain.  We can continue to add links as the week and weeks go on.  Our chain is something we can put somewhere in the house to remind us that God is always present – always revealing Gods loving self to us – to us, through us, and in us.
We started with 10 strips of colored paper to begin your chain.  You’ll need to make more slips as you grow your collection of holy moments. 
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