September 16 Materials

If you couldn't join us for the live session - watch the session via YouTube.

Bringing Home the Word
FORGIVE Paper Sign
Wrinkled Hearts Activity
Children's Activity Pages

Here’s a few videos you can use to further explore and reflect upon our call to be people of forgiveness. 

Kids  Veggie Tales, forgiveness (7:14)      Veggie Tales, The Forgiveness Song  (2:03)     Veggie Tales, God Wants Me to Forgive Them, full episode, 25th anniversary edition (29:16)

Teens and older    Signs of Forgiveness  (2:04)       Corrie Ten Boom message on forgiveness  (4:21)     Clip from movie The Shack on understanding forgiveness  (3:10)     Forgiveness motivational video (4:13)      Matthew West, Forgiveness song with lyrics  (4:38)