Vacation Bible School 2018

 mv8yc6fr9j0ct7ajwavi6dkk5pl.pngAhoy, VBS families! Thank you for sending your children to Shipwrecked VBS! We hope your child is having a fun and exciting week. Check the parish Facebook page for lots of pics from today’s adventures.

Here is a recap of the week thus far:

Monday -  We had a great day one for our SHIPWRECKED VBS!  We had the usual technological glitches and snafu’s for the first day but we found our way around the deserted island, had fun, and learned a little bit about how Jesus rescues us and walks with us in the difficulties we might encounter in life. We had a surge in registrations and now have 135 Castaways with us for the week!  I had no idea there were that many on the boat. Thank goodness for the many volunteers that are helping! With so many people on the island we have to be creative with stretching supplies.  We’ll do our best, though with some things like t-shirts those who registered most recently may not receive one or we may not have the size you would prefer. 

Coming home with the children today are several items. The first is the Castaway Logbook. The log book has all the Bible stories we will be using each day of the week, but rewritten a bit for children.  Please take some time to read the stories with your children – during this week would be great but the book is also a nice thing to keep and go back to throughout the summer. There are lots a great lessons to be pulled from the stories, and reading them together will help your children learn these sacred writings of our faith.

Most of the children will also have come home with a Lost and Found Flyer. This little gizmo is a fun way to reinforce the lesson that When we are lonely (or feeling lost and alone) ……..Jesus rescues us. I know they won’t need any help figuring out how it works, but you might want to help them connect it with the theme. 

Finally, all the kids received a Watch For God bracelet. We’ll talk about that more tomorrow, but one of the things we will be encouraging all of us to do is to be aware of God Sightings in our lives.  God Sightings are things we see or experience that help remind us that God is present and active in our lives. Sometimes though, we need to be awake or aware to see them. Our Watch for God bracelet is there to help remind us to be on the look- out for those little in-breakings of God.

Tuesday - Today we heard the story about two friends of Jesus, Martha and Mary.  Jesus was visiting them at their house and the two women got into a bit of an argument which became one of those great teachable moments.  It obviously made an impact on Jesus’ followers since they decided to preserve it in the Gospel account.  Our take-away from the story for VBS is that it is too easy to get caught up in the stuff that has to be done, to worry about this or that, and not just be present to life and to God.  Our Bible point for the day was When we Worry….Jesus rescues.

We all have our stuff that we worry about, but sometimes the worry and anxiety can consume us. When we get too focused on our worries we need to remember that God is bigger than whatever is troubling us and will help us through the turbulence. 

At the end of the day today we gave out t-shirts.  It would be great if the kids could wear theirs to VBS tomorrow and the remaining days. Tomorrow we will also have the Shipwrecked Music CD’s available.  We have one CD per family. So, prepare yourself……..starting tomorrow VBS music will probably be the most played music in the house for a while. I hope you enjoy learning and singing the songs.

Finally, our fifth graders invited all of us to participate in their FIVE More campaign to help others who really are experiencing feeling shipwrecked in life. Three things they challenged us to give were non-perishable food items for the St. Pat’s Food Pantry, financial donations towards Feed My Starving Children, and plastic grocery bags that they are using to create sleeping mats for people in Haiti. Items can be brought with you to VBS and dropped off at the collection basket outside the mail room.

 Thank you! Thank you to all of the volunteers for their time and dedication to making Vacation Bible School amazing - we couldn't have done it without you.


What is Vacation Bible School?

This week long Bible adventure for children age 4 thru 5th grade takes place right after school ends. Each year’s exciting theme strives to teach the Gospel values of Jesus Christ and encourage the children to participate in each day’s Bible story. Adults and children in 6th grade and up can volunteer in all areas.