Hands & Hearts with Haiti

Hands and Hearts with Haiti is a united multi-parish partnership rooted in mutual trust and respect. Together we seek beneficial, self-sustainable opportunities that best meet the needs of our brothers and sisters of St. Louis Parish, Mirebalais, its Chapel Communities and all members of this partnership. handsandheartswithhaiti.org

Noyau School Construction - It's Happening!

The time has come for the families in Noyau to have a school for their children. Building has begun!! The pictures show the workers digging (by hand!) the foundation for the buildings and the well that will also benefit the entire community.


















 As building progresses and we get more pictures from Golds Mythe, our Community Development director, we’ll update our website. Many of you have contributed to this building project. Without your generosity this would not be happening. As they say in Haiti: Meci anpil.


Throughout the year Hands & Hearts with Haiti publishes the CONNECTIONS newsletter. Each newsletter is full of Hands & Hearts with Haiti organization news, updates on the school building projection in Noyau, Haiti, and a closer look at the areas of Haiti the organization connects with.

Spring 2018 Newsletter - NEW!

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