First Reconciliation

The sacrament of Reconciliation is a gift that celebrates and affirms the immeasurable and everlasting love and forgiveness of God. The loving-kindness and faithfulness of our Lord provides the backdrop and framework in which we are invited to examine our lives, confess our weaknesses and sins, and be assured of the ongoing love and presence of God in our lives through the Church's absolution. 

The current practice of the Church is that preparations for First Reconciliation are to precede preparation for First Communion.

Sacramental Prep
Preparations for First Reconciliation are done when children are in the early primary grades. Parents are invited to enroll their children in the preparation process when they feel they are ready for the sacrament. The process of preparation takes place in both the parish community and home, and consists of parent meetings, parent/child meetings, and home-based materials. Children should be enrolled in either the school or Generations of Faith and should be regular participants in the life of the faith community. First Reconciliation Preparation Information & Calendar 

To enroll your child, please complete the Registration Form. Completed forms can be mailed/dropped off at the parish office.

First Reconciliation Calendar 2018          Printable Calendar

Wednesday, October 17   6:30 pm    Parent/child meeting

Monday, November 19  6:30 pm   Parent/child Meeting 

Monday, December 3     6:30 pm    Reconciliation Retreat and Practice         

First Reconciliation Celebrated: Tuesday, December 11  7:00 pm St. Matthew Parish Advent Service

Questions? Contact Mike at the parish office, 435-6811.