It's GOF Week!

Feb 6, 2018


For those who are new or have forgotten, during the session closest to the beginning of Lent we celebrate a bit in our adult breakout and designate it a theology on tap evening– a nod to mardis gras if you will.   So, tomorrow night you are all invited to bring some of your favorite beverages to enjoy during our breakout.  Beverages can be simply carbonated, brewed, fermented, or distilled; special or ordinary, cultural, craft or mainstream.   The primary guideline is that you should bring enough to share.  I’ll have a cooler and bring a variety of “seed beverages”.  When you arrive you can stash your things in the cooler or one of the fridges.   After our opening in church (which will be abbreviated for the occasion) we will break things out and share.  I know we’ll just have eaten but if you would like to bring some snacky things as well or instead of beverages feel free.

Our guest presenter for the evening, Julianne Stanz, was born and raised in Ireland.  Julianne came to the states after college and wound up in northeastern Wisconsin, working a variety of roles in the Church.  She is a popular and highly sought after speaker for faith events as well as for Irish and Celtic cultural events around the country.  Julianne will lead us in a few toasts as she shares about St Brigid (whose Feast Day was Feb 1) and the importance she plays in Irish culture and Celtic spirituality.   Of course the whole of the evening is to whet our desire to deepen our own spirituality as we head into the upcoming season of Lent and beyond.  We’ve long considered Julianne an adopted member of our GOF program and always enjoy when she can spend an evening with us.

Let them eat Cake!

Since our GOF session is our Mardis Gras session, let’s have Cake for dessert!  It doesn’t have to be King Cake but let’s see what we can come up with by asking for cake.

Here’s a look at our Volunteer list for tomorrow:

February 7

Registration Table          Anissa Lodzinski and Fam

Meal Sponsor                  Bryan Bathke (Bryan’s Outdoor Solutions)

Pizza Picker upper

Meal Clean-up                  Tina and Joe Kowalczyk

Meal Prayer


If you can help by picking up the pizza, leading our meal prayer or taking some photos please let me know.

I know it’s hard to believe but next week we begin the season of Lent.  Ash Wednesday falls on Valentine’s Day this year…….and if you think that is strange, Easter actually falls on April 1………yep, April Fool’s day.  One of those strange calendar years. 

While we don’t have classes or breakouts on Ash Wednesday, as a parish we do Ash Wednesday in GOF fashion.   We have a big Soup and Bread dinner in the Gathering Space which will feature 5 or 6 meatless soups, along with delicious breads and some basic beverages.  Dinner is available beginning at 5:15 and Ash Wednesday Mass is at 6:30.  The whole parish and community is invited to the evening, so we may tap you for some help.  It’s a great way to start Lent together.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow night.

Blessings, Mike