It’s GOF Week! 

Dec 4, 2018

I hope your weekend went well and you had time to enjoy our little winter blast.  This weekend was noteworthy for more than Packer news……together we entered a season of year meant to turn our heads and look at life a little bit different.  Advent.  

As Catholics, we seem to like our seasons, rather than days.  We take a whole 4 week season to prep for our celebration of Christmas – and then for Christmas, we don’t do it in a day either – nope, it’s a season….. a couple weeks long!  

This Wednesday we’ll talk a little bit more about that approach to things and what it says about what we value as people of faith.  Btw…….where did your Advent wreath wind up?   Take a picture  and share it with me.

‘Zas and Desserts and help needed…….
Since we are also in the Jewish season of Hanukkah I was thinking of making latkes for dinner…….just to show solidarity with our Hebrew brothers and sisters, but I wasn’t sure how they would go over……and that’s a lotalatkes!   So, our dinner Wednesday will feature Pizza and veggies.  Actually, it’s going to be a pizza December.  Seems like no one complains about pizza so we’ll stick to that to keep life simple (it’s an Advent thing). 

I suppose the obvious December dessert would be cookies…….any kind of cookies. 

Wednesday Volunteers
I need a pizza delivery person for Wednesday along with a clean up crew.   If you have been waiting for your chance, or had one earlier and discovered it wasn’t too bad after all, please let me know.  It’s always fun to be the pizza driver, and if you’re looking for an easy cleanup, nothing beats pizza night.

Looking ahead…….

Our December meetings of GOF happen the first two weeks – hopefully that allows for a bit less stress in the second half of the month.  This Wednesday is a regular GOF, with normal breakouts.   December 12 is our Christmas Carol Festival – an evening we encourage everyone to invite someone in who might just “need a little Christmas.”  It’s a way for us to remember that we are called to be light in the world, to share joy and hope and love with those who may be walking in darkness.  I’ll have some postcards and posters you can use to invite folks with on Wednesday.

Our Carol festival is a chance to sing together and to let the traditional songs of the season rekindle our faith and refocus ourselves on the true reason for the season.  The CCF is designed as an opportunity for us to reach out to those who might be unchurched, feel alone or perhaps looking for a place to belong, so please consider who might be waiting to be invited to be part of our faith community.

Our festival begins at 6:15 pm.  We’ll conclude with a cookie social.  Our Christmas Carol festival is open to everyone in the community, so please consider inviting friends, family, and neighbors.  Please consider donating some cookies for our social – a dozen, two, ten……..all good.   We’ll have a signup sheet by the registration table Wednesday

GOF Special: For our GOF family we’re looking to make it a full night of fun and caroling.  Come and Carol with us at 5 pm.  We’ll walk over to the McCormick Home,  (it’s only a couple blocks away)  and carol for the residents while giving out some hand-made Christmas cards, then work our way back for pizza before the CCF.  A great way to spread the joy and reach out to others.

I look forward to seeing everyone Wednesday!
Blessings, Mike