It's Generations Week!

Jan 23, 2018

Just a couple reminders and repeats ahead of our gathering on Wednesday.

Brownies Brownies Everywhere….

Quick to make and yummy to eat, brownies are a perfect go-to dessert when the gang needs something for their sweet tooth but you don’t want to invest a lot of time and energy.   Our dessert theme this week will be brownies……..grab a box mix or your fav at home recipe and bring some to share.  Thank you to all our dessert contributors!  

Family Service Opportunity – Saturday January 27

This Saturday we have a service opportunity at St. John the Evangelist Homeless Shelter.  Our plan will be to meet at the shelter at 10 am and be there about 2 hours. 

During that time we will take a tour of the facility and learn a little bit about the ministry there and how the space is used.  After that we will have some work time –-most likely various cleaning and organizing jobs ……..I know we often talk about and do things for the shelter but many of us have never actually been inside the shelter – especially our children. This is a great opportunity. I hope many of you will be able to join us.  I’ll have a sign up sheet on Wednesday as we’ll need to know how many people to plan for. 

Please bring your At Home With the Word book

Adults, please bring your At Home with the Word book so we can use it during our session.

We Need Your Plastic Shopping Bags Please

Yep, you know, those bags you never know what to do with once you are home with your groceries?   We want them for a project!  Please bring us your bags of bags!

Our middle schoolers will be working on a project repurposing the bags into sleeping mats that can be given out to homeless brothers and sisters or sent to areas like Haiti.  The bags are woven together to make durable mats that give cushion and a bit of protection from the ground. Bring your bags with you to church or when you come on Wednesday.  Thanks for your help with this project.


Thank you to all those who scheduled themselves to be part of the work teams for the second semester.  We still need someone to lead the meal prayer and someone willing to take some pics throughout the evening for this session. We’ll put out the list again this time and then I will volunteer some of those who remain unscheduled to help with some of our regular tasks.  Here’s how the sign up looks so far.  If you see a spot and a date you would like to claim please let me know.

Date:               January 24

Registration Table                           Rattray Family

Meal Sponsor                                    Stephen and Katie Skaleski

Meal Prep                                          Stephen and Katie Skaleski

Meal Clean-up                                  Wiater Family

Meal Prayer 


Date:               February 7

Registration Table               Anissa Lodzinski and Fam

Meal Sponsor                        Bryan Bathke (Bryan’s Outdoor Solutions)

Pizza Picker upper

Meal Clean-up         

Meal Prayer 


Date:               February 21

Registration Table               Hockers Family

Meal Sponsor                        Mehlberg Family

Meal Prep     

Meal Clean-up                      Atwood Family

Meal Prayer 


Date:                           March 7

Registration Table                          Adam and Natalie Fischer

Meal Sponsor                                    Saavedra Family

Meal Prep                                          Saavedra Family     

Meal Clean-up         

Meal Prayer 


Date:               March 14

Registration Table               Ryan Family

Meal Sponsor                        Middle School

Meal Prep and clean up      Middle School        

Meal Prayer                          Middle School


Date:                           April 4

Registration Table               Wiater Family

Meal Sponsor                        Rattray Family

Pizza Picker-upper 

Meal Clean-up                      Rattray Family

Meal Prayer 


Date:                           April 18

Registration Table  

Meal Sponsor           

Meal Prep     

Meal Clean-up         

Meal Prayer 


See you Wednesday! Mike