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It's GOF Week - Sept 24

Posted by Mrs. Margaret Batchelor on 9/24/18

Please be sure you have Wednesday night marked off for GOF! Sometimes it is hard to get to the first one with all the chaos of trying to get a routine going when the school year begins.  If you didn’t make it our first session, please jump in this time.  ... Read More »

FMSC, Sacraments, GOF

Posted by Mrs. Margaret Batchelor on 9/18/18

Feed My Starving Children Youth and Family Sign up 

We had an amazing response from you in signing up to participate in the MobilePack on Wednesday October 3.  By the weekend we had all 80 of our reserved spots filled!! I’ve managed to secure a few more spots. We ... Read More »

It’s GOF Week!!!!

Posted by Mrs. Margaret Batchelor on 9/11/18

Like Santa’s and his elves before Christmas Eve, we’ve been preparing for the beginning of Generations at St. Matthew.  Tomorrow (Wednesday) is the big day we kick off the year. Below please find some notes to help guide you on night one. Night one – The RoutineWe have a ... Read More »

GOF September News

Posted by Mrs. Margaret Batchelor on 9/10/18

Welcome to Life after Labor Day. It sometimes seems like there is a switch that’s thrown Labor Day weekend………our mindsets change………summer is gone, school has begun, football is for keeps, even baseball gets more serious. We all know that with the passing of Labor Day comes the beginning of ... Read More »

It's Mardi Gras!

Posted by Mrs. Margaret Batchelor on 2/13/18

It’s Mardis Gras!  Have some fun, over-eat a bit because tomorrow we begin the season of Lent! Ash Wednesday eve at St. Matt’s is purposely set up like a Generations of Faith nite.  Come for dinner – soup and bread – beginning at 5:15.   Mass with Ashes is at 6:30. We’re planning 7 different varieties ... Read More »

It's GOF Week!

Posted by Mrs. Margaret Batchelor on 2/06/18

  For those who are new or have forgotten, during the session closest to the beginning of Lent we celebrate a bit in our adult breakout and designate it a theology on tap evening– a nod to mardis gras if you will.   So, tomorrow night you are all invited to bring ... Read More »

It's Generations Week!

Posted by Mrs. Margaret Batchelor on 1/23/18

Just a couple reminders and repeats ahead of our gathering on Wednesday. Brownies Brownies Everywhere…. Quick to make and yummy to eat, brownies are a perfect go-to dessert when the gang needs something for their sweet tooth but you don’t want to invest a lot of time and energy.   Our ... Read More »

January 19 GOF Note

Posted by Mrs. Margaret Batchelor on 1/22/18

Hope you have had a great week and have managed to keep everyone in the house healthy.  Mine’s been super busy but it helps January go a little quicker, especially with no football playoff games to get invested in. We had our first meeting with those families preparing for ... Read More »

GOF Jan 11 Follow-up

Posted by Mrs. Margaret Batchelor on 1/11/18

Thanks to all who came out last night for Generations.  If you weren’t able to join us hopefully you’ll be able to be with us next time around! A couple of followup items from last night…… Chalking the Door We blessed our Church home entryway together last night and ... Read More »

December 20 GOF Note

Posted by Mrs. Margaret Batchelor on 12/20/17

Friends and families of Generations of Faith; Since we weren’t able to gather last week for our Carol festival I wanted to take this opportunity to wish you all a blessed and merry Christmas.  In this season we remember that in the beginning God loved us into being….always intending ... Read More »