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It's GOF Week!

Posted by Mrs. Margaret Batchelor on 11/13/18

It’s a busy week as we race towards mid-month and the start of the holiday season. I hope you will preserve time in the hustle and bustle to be with us on Wednesday.We’ll continue exploring gratitude and giving thanks as important elements of living as disciples of Jesus.

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Oct 30th Note

Posted by Mrs. Margaret Batchelor on 10/30/18

The Apostles Creed ends with this statement:  I believe in the Holy Spirit, the holy catholic church, the communion of saints, the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body, and life everlasting, Amen. I find that so powerful.  There’s so much there – a reminder that we are to ... Read More »

Pizza, Apples, Rosary and Reminders

Posted by Mrs. Margaret Batchelor on 10/23/18

  It’s Generations week!  Wednesday we have our final GOF session for October. Our opening will feature the rosary again this session. You are welcome to bring your own rosaries for our opening prayer, or use the ones we provide.  Pizza and Apple DessertsDinner will be pizza and veggies. ... Read More »

This week is GOF week!

Posted by Mrs. Margaret Batchelor on 10/08/18

First, a thank you to all the families who participated in last week’s MobilePack.  

What a week! We just found out the totals for all your work. The goal of 750,000 meals was set for the week.  Wednesday evening during the late packing session we helped hit a milestone ... Read More »

It's GOF Week - Sept 24

Posted by Mrs. Margaret Batchelor on 9/24/18

Please be sure you have Wednesday night marked off for GOF! Sometimes it is hard to get to the first one with all the chaos of trying to get a routine going when the school year begins.  If you didn’t make it our first session, please jump in this time.  ... Read More »

FMSC, Sacraments, GOF

Posted by Mrs. Margaret Batchelor on 9/18/18

Feed My Starving Children Youth and Family Sign up 

We had an amazing response from you in signing up to participate in the MobilePack on Wednesday October 3.  By the weekend we had all 80 of our reserved spots filled!! I’ve managed to secure a few more spots. We ... Read More »

It’s GOF Week!!!!

Posted by Mrs. Margaret Batchelor on 9/11/18

Like Santa’s and his elves before Christmas Eve, we’ve been preparing for the beginning of Generations at St. Matthew.  Tomorrow (Wednesday) is the big day we kick off the year. Below please find some notes to help guide you on night one. Night one – The RoutineWe have a ... Read More »

GOF September News

Posted by Mrs. Margaret Batchelor on 9/10/18

Welcome to Life after Labor Day. It sometimes seems like there is a switch that’s thrown Labor Day weekend………our mindsets change………summer is gone, school has begun, football is for keeps, even baseball gets more serious. We all know that with the passing of Labor Day comes the beginning of ... Read More »

It's Mardi Gras!

Posted by Mrs. Margaret Batchelor on 2/13/18

It’s Mardis Gras!  Have some fun, over-eat a bit because tomorrow we begin the season of Lent! Ash Wednesday eve at St. Matt’s is purposely set up like a Generations of Faith nite.  Come for dinner – soup and bread – beginning at 5:15.   Mass with Ashes is at 6:30. We’re planning 7 different varieties ... Read More »

It's GOF Week!

Posted by Mrs. Margaret Batchelor on 2/06/18

  For those who are new or have forgotten, during the session closest to the beginning of Lent we celebrate a bit in our adult breakout and designate it a theology on tap evening– a nod to mardis gras if you will.   So, tomorrow night you are all invited to bring ... Read More »