Here at St. Matthew we started a process in December 2015 called FIVE MORE. If each one of us as a family, couple and individual can give FIVE MORE of themselves to be a disciple of Christ then we can all make a difference in our parish and within the community.

What is FIVE More?

It is an invitation to follow the Lord intentionally.  To do so it will require discipline on our part.  Discipline is a side of discipleship.

If we are going to run in the Bellin Run we discipline ourselves to run to prepare.  It is the same as we study for a test, plan to build something, or save for our retirement.  There is discipline involved but it pays off.  It is about making a space for these goals in our busy lives.

It is that same discipline to keep time and space open to the Lord, in our prayer time and in our attendance of Mass on the weekend.  It requires some discipline to be a disciple of the Lord.  It is that discipline we call FIVE MORE in our parish.

So we invite you to be part of the FIVE MORE movement at our parish.

FIVE More and The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic

Over the past two years our parish has distributed copies of four books by Matthew Kelly (Rediscover Catholicism, The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic, Beautiful Mercy, and Resisting Happiness) as a tool to energize and evangelize parishioners. The common theme of these books is how to become a more active and dynamic catholic.

What is an active and dynamic catholic?

Being an active catholic isn’t just about attending Mass on the weekends…it is an invitation to follow the Lord intentionally. 

Giving your FIVE MORE isn’t just making a financial commitment to St. Matthew; giving your FIVE MORE means disciplining ourselves to make being a catholic a way of life. It’s a process, a journey, that each of us is on. From Matthew Kelly’s book, The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic, the four themes of being an active, dynamic catholic are: praying, studying, giving generously, and evangelizing.

How can I become the best-version-of-myself and give FIVE More?

Below are some examples of how each of us can commit to giving FIVE MORE:

               Prayer (I will commit to…)

  • 3-minute retreat, sacred space, Give Us This Day, Take 5 for Faith, Dynamic Catholic
  • spending time each week in adoration
  • praying the rosary/praying with family

               Study (I will commit to…)

  • At Home with the Word – use resources recommended by St. Matthew to study Scripture
  • take advantage of the parish library
  • Bible study opportunities

               Generosity (I will commit to…)

  • spending more time with family
  • volunteering in the community
  • giving financially

               Evangelize (I will commit to…)

  • talking to family about faith
  • sharing media digitally/print
  • invite friends & family to Mass

The Year of Mercy (December 8, 2015 to November 20, 2016) has focused on the spiritual and corporal works of mercy.  “In other words, every day, each one of us has a choice: will I do my work mindlessly and grudgingly, or will I do it out of love?” (beautiful Mercy, page 34). By doing a little each day and starting small, we can all make space in our busy lives for being an intentional, active disciple of Christ.

We invite you personally, as a married couple, as a family to talk about your commitment to Jesus and how doing FIVE MORE will help you grow as his disciple.     

If you are not a registered member here at St. Matthew and would like to be, visit our Become a Member page or call the parish office at 435-6811. Come Follow Me - MT 9:9

Twelve Ways to Practice the Resurrection Now

From Rev. Richard Rohr, IMMORTAL DIAMOND, P. 211-212

  1. Refuse to identify with negative, blaming, antagonistic, or fearful thoughts (you cannot stop “having” them).
  1. Apologize when you hurt another person or situation.
  1. Undo your mistakes by some positive action toward the offended person or situation.
  1. Do not indulge or believe your False Self – that which is concocted by your mind and society’s expectations.
  1. Choose your True Self – your radical union with God – as often as possible throughout the day.
  1. Always seek to change yourself before trying to change others.
  1. Choose as much as possible to serve rather than be served.
  1. Whenever possible, seek the common good over your mere private good.
  1. Give preference to those in pain, excluded, or disabled in any way.
  1. Seek just systems and policies over mere charity.
  1. Make sure your medium is the same as your message.
  1. Never doubt that it is all about love in the end.


12 Ways to Practice the Resurrection Now PDF