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Summer 2019

Gathering Space Updatewsdrpqdgwybx4c9hsfrkp88xgil.png
Some may be wondering when the carpet the gathering space will be taken care of. While it is part of the insurance claim we wanted to proceed with thoughtfulness as the church is now 16 years old; to keep the beauty and continuity of the facility all flooring upgrades should be done at the same time.

All other restoration has been completed after the May 1st fire in the gathering space. The carpeting is our last piece. Before moving too quickly it was decided to take a good look at what we want in the areas. An estimate to replace carpet as it was has been accepted by the insurance company for $25,710. Included in that quote is the library, minister’s sacristies, day chapel and the reconciliation room. 

The upgrade or in addition to the quote include: the area by the kitchenette to include more washable space, as well as an upgrade in the gathering space to carpet squares rather than role carpeting; making it easier to remove a damaged area. The aisle runners in church where not included in the insurance claim but are also in need of replacement. These will be done with role carpeting that match the squares. There are several cracked tiles in the back of church that will be replaced. The working sacristy behind the altar, also not covered in the claim, needs replacing. Incense is light in this room and the carpet is not only worn but has several burn holes.

The carpet has been ordered for the gathering space and it will be 6-8 weeks before it is in. As we wait for the carpet to become available we plan to paint the hallway and kitchenette area in the gathering space. If you would be interested in helping with the painting project please call Penny at the parish office 435-6811. 

From the Parish Office...

  • Suspicious Emails - Lately we have been informed that phishing email/scams have been circulating. These emails are NOT from the staff and should be deleted. Please do not click on any links or respond to the sender. If you have any questions please contact the parish office.
  • End of Fiscal Year Statements - Due to the change in diocesan software we will not be mailing out contribution statements for the fiscal year (July 1, 2018 to June 20, 2019). Contribution statements will be mailed out in December 2019 and again in January 2020 for the 2019 calendar year. If you have any questions contact Penny at the parish office 435-6811.
  • Church Support Envelopes - If you would like to receive or stop receiving offertory envelopes please contact the parish office.
  • Change of address, phone or email? Please let us know so we can update our records. Thanks!

St. Matt's Community Goings-on...

  • Thinking ahead to Fall 2019? We are! Generations of Faith begins Sept 11th. What is GOF? Generations of Faith is our parish catechetical program that utilizes a whole family, all ages approach to formation. A special focus is given to families utilizing public schools but all families and all ages are invited to participate. Age appropriate breakouts included with full group prayer and catechetical activities. Complete 2019/2020 Calendar coming soon! Ready to Register Your Family? Contact Mike Westenberg at the parish 435-6811
  • Library News - Are you a fan of inspirational poetry? Find The Salestian collection on the Poetry shelf and enjoy such titles as “Fill  My Heart With Joy, Shine Your Light On Me, Hope For a Brighter Tomorrow, Lessons In Faith, His Helping Hands and several others.
  • SAVE THE DATE! - YOUNG NEIGHBORS IN ACTION (YNIA) "MINI" CROP FOR A CAUSE Friday, October 11, 2019 & Saturday, October 12, 2019 St. Matthew Parish MPC More details to come.

Updated as of 7/2019