This checklist is to assist you in your planning for the wedding in our parish.

Marriage Preparation:

_____             Attend Marriage in the Lord through the Diocese of Green Bay

_____             Meet with the FOCCUS couple in the parish

_____             Or other arrangement worked out with deacon/priest


Wedding Ceremony/Paperwork

_____             Finish the wedding liturgy planner in Together for Life

_____            Meet with deacon/priest doing your marriage ceremony

______          Meet with Anissa Lodzinski to plan music for the wedding ceremony


Other Items:

______           Obtain Baptismal certificates

______          If not Catholic - obtain letter from relative for freedom to marry

______           If Catholic/Non-Catholic and you were married before: an annulment

                        Is needed or if spouse died a death certificate

______           $75 given to St. Matthew Parish for parish members and $250 for non-parishioners (a gift to deacon/priest is up to you)

______           Need a Marriage License from the State of Wisconsin

                        (License will be mailed to Brown County Register of Deeds)

______           After ceremony have family and friends clean the church and bride’s room (i.e. programs in pew, bows on pews, etc.)

Wedding Checklist Print Out

Effective: June 1, 2017