First Communion

Families are invited to enroll their children for First Communion preparation beginning in the second grade.  Families must be participating in Generations of Faith or school religion classes in order to enroll. 

Children must be prepared for First Reconciliation prior to First Communion.

Preparations for First Communion include an acceptance rite at the weekend liturgies, meetings in the evening, completion of home-based projects and materials, and a retreat.

First Communions are celebrated at the parish's liturgies during the first weekends of the Easter Season. 

First Eucharist Calendar 2016-2017

Wednesday, January 18              6:30-7:30                     Session for parents and children

Wednesday, February 15             6:30- 7:30                    Parents and children

Thursday, March 29                    6:30 - 7:30                   Session for parents and children

Wednesday, April 26                   6:30-8:30                     Retreat; parents and children

First Communions Celebrated: April 29, 30 &  May 6, 7

Families will be divided between the two weekends. They will be a mixture of children from both the religious education program and school, representing our common parish identity. 

Families will sign up for which of the three weekend masses (4:30, 8:30, or 10:30) they would like to have their child celebrate First Reception at. 

Children and families will be highlighted in the liturgy through a variety of ways: processing in, being presented to the community, being around the altar during the Eucharistic Prayer, and being part of a receiving line after Mass.

To enroll your child, please complete the Registration Form.