Parish Councils & Committees

At St. Matthew Catholic Community we are fortunate to have multiple councils and committees to guide and direct our parish. Individuals are elected to a council with term limits. Depending on the committee, individuals may join without a long-term commitment. Below are the committees and councils here at St. Matthew, along with meeting minutes.

Parish Committees and Councils

Buildings & Grounds Committee's mission is to assist the Parish in the management of the physical properties of the church. These include the worship space, school building, Nazareth House, parish center and the rectory. This committee is responsible for the maintenance and improvement of Parish facilities. These tasks include building repairs and maintenance, landscaping, lawn care, snow removal, and other duties when they arise. The duties are performed through a combination of volunteer labor, and contracted services. Members of the committee serve as leaders for recruitment and organization of volunteers. The committee serves as an advisory body to the Parish Council to identify facility issues and opportunities. Committee members include: Mike Ignasiak (chair), Penny Dart (parish office), Dick VanLangendon, Bob Leonowicz, Jim Genrick, Mark Messerschmidt, Orv Konop, Ambrose Kowalczyk, Marty Metzler, and Steve Smet. 

Justice & Human Concerns Committee works to bring Catholic Social Teaching alive in our parish. Our focus is twofold, to bring awareness and knowledge of our traditions rich social teaching to our community and to provide opportunities for people to experience their faith through service and justice work. Committee members include Jackie Thiry, Mary & Larry Connors, Rachel Westenberg, Fr. Bob, Mary Vanden Boomen, Jeanne Smits, Kay Schumacher and Mike Westenberg.

Justice Herald October 2017

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January 2018 Meeting Minutes

Evangelization and Catechesis Committee’s goal is to explore ways to deepen people’s relationship with Christ, and to reach out to those who are disconnected from the faith community with the joy of the Gospel. Committee members are Kara Phernetton, Kathy Castelaz, Shirley Fox, Rosie Pavek, Katie Phernetton, John and Amy Weiss, Al Gooding, Fr. Bob and Mike Westenberg.

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Worship Committee

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Parish Councils

Finance Council is the consultative body to the pastor in addressing the stewardship of the parish's finances and parish grounds. Members are: Bill Campion, Craig Liegel, Matt Gelb, Penny Dart, Tim Feldhausen, Craig Darling and Arlene Klika.

August 2016 Meeting Minutes

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Parish Pastoral Council is the main consultative body to the pastor in fulfilling the parish's mission. Members are: Ginger Micksch as Chairperson, Bill Stary as Vice Chair, and Sue Jauquet as Secretary. Two new members include Clare Schumacher and Dick Peters. View 2016-2017 Annual Report Summary.

 August 2017 Meeting Minutes

September 2017 Meeting Minutes

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